Horseshoe Bend – Page, Az

Iyou’re ever near Page, Arizona, Horseshoe Bend is a must! This hidden gem is just off Route 89. You’ll see a dirt parking lot and if you’re lucky, only a few dozen cars. But don’t worry, this vast natural wonder is big enough for hundreds of tourists to have their own space.

untitled-1-7 2.JPG

Before you get to drink in the view, you’ll have to pay your due. Bring LOTS of water, a Camel Bak is highly suggested. You’ll have to climb up a gradually steep dirt hill for about 5-10 minutes and then down its other side for the final downhill hike to the bend. But, you won’t se it yet. Even minute15 of the 20 minute hike from the parking lot to the site, you still won’t know what to expect, unless you’ve seen the breathtaking pictures, but you’ll soon learn they don’t do it justice. As you hike to the rim of a giant canyon, you’ll gaze down upon an unbelievable sight. A enormous horseshoe shaped canyon, cut by the Colorado River which still flows strong through the bend. The sunset here is known to be one of Arizona’s best, and if you stick around for it, you’ll see why. But be prepared for a flood of tourists and photographers. We climbed far from the concentrated area at the tip of the horseshoe and found our own viewpoint along the vast canyon’s rim.

IMG_2604.JPGBut just as people told us, I’ll tell you… the photos don’t do it justice!

Go see for yourself 🙂

Check out the video I made of our visit at

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