It’s just so grand!


_BV12401-2.jpgObviously, the Grand Canyon National Park was a must see. I truly had no idea how grand it really is. It’s like the Disney World of national parks. With multiple hotels, RV parks, restaurants, even Dip N Dots, and so much more, you could spend a week here and still not see everything.


We chose to just jump right into it as we only had one day to explore. We took the shuttle bus system all the way to the end and worked our way back based on what looked cool, our hiking capabilities, and where the Dip N Dots were. We loved every second of this hike. We chose the second most difficult hiking trails as we did not even know what some of the required gear was. Bring a Camel Bak of some sort with lots of water and snacks for this day excursion! You might be in the middle of a 4 mile hike from one shuttle bus stop to the next and decide you need a little sugar, and let me tell you, there’s no vending machines on the side of the cliff you’ll be hiking.


I’d recommend planning out what you’d like to see for sure if you have more time, but we had a great time just winging it and I can’t wait to go back when there’s more time to plan and explore.


Photos by Brandon Verdura

2 Comments Add yours

  1. DGGYST says:

    Wow! To both the grand canyon and your teeny tiny waist!


  2. Paul says:

    Cassi..Best of everything to you and Brandon. You are incredible. G-Paul


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