Hidden Gem in the Antelopes


If you’re feeling a little restricted on the guided tour of Antelope Canyon and want to free range a little more, ask your tour guide where you can obtain a hiking permit for the secret Water Hole Canyon. You may have to drive around to a few rumored spots to find someone who is authorized to write the permit, but if you’re anything like us, your determination will pay off.


When you pull up to the parking spot, a pull off on Route 89 just a couple of miles past horseshoe bend, you’ll see Navajo Reservation no trespassing signs. Just display your pass on your dash board and head through the wire fencing. Walk to the edge and find a descending entrance point that fits your capabilities, but you must have a decent amount for this hike. This vast canyon, those not as narrow as the Upper & Lower, has walls 100+ ft high, and offers advanced rock climbing, makeshift ropes, ladders, and a car that drove off the bridge above that you get the maneuver through.


We had an absolute blast as we had the hole canyon to ourselves as we walked both ways for miles in the afternoon light. Bring LOTS of water, you won’t want to run out far from your car and have to go back earlier than expected, Camel Baks are pretty much a necessity so you have your hands free to climb, believe me – you’ll need both of them, and could probably use a few extra as well. My booty met the hard rock floor a few times and it was no bueno.

Catch one of my falls in the video I made at https://vimeo.com/224352481

Hope you guys have a chance to get to these beautiful places. Arizona has hands down become my favorite state.

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