Road Trippers App – A Must Have!

Going on a road trip this summer? Be sure to download the RoadTrippers app before you hit the road! This free app allows you to plan your route while offering personalized points of interest you might want to stop at! Adjust the settings to fit things you’d like to see, such as unique restaurants, attractions, natural parks, and more! The app allows you to plan a route from your current location to your desired destination, offering you convenient stops along the way that suits your taste!

However, as a heads up, be sure to double check the locations with Google and your GPS since it did bring us to a non-existent Starbucks in the middle of the desert. Overall, the app was very helpful and provided us with fun stops, great lodging recommendations and delicious restaurants off the beaten path!

Download it for free below!

For Apple: 

For Google:


Photo by Brandon Verdura

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