Meditation For People in a Hurry

If you follow my blogs or social media you know I am obsessed with mindfulness. I practice it frequently in my everyday life (which is a very busy one). And today, I want to share with you guys how you can fit mindfulness into your busy schedule!


I want to start off by saying mindfulness is not a religion, nor does it need to be a spiritual experience in everyday. Mindfulness is simply the practice of being in the present moment.

My favorite mindfulness quote:

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu

Driving Meditation

This may sound dangerous, but don’t be scared! You don’t have to be sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed to meditate. You just have to be breathing, and living in the present moment. Easy enough right? I discovered driving meditation through my own practice when I decided to put on some mediation music for my drive home instead of the mindfulness podcasts I listen to. I just simply relax, inhale deeply through my nose, and exhale through my mouth. I notice all thoughts that arise and instead of holding on to them, I simply let them go and return to my breath. Driving is actually a great way to practice living in the present moment because you must be aware of your surrounding every second. Driving meditation can also be a great treatment for road rage if you are blessed with that wonderful trait as I am.


Listening to mindfulness podcasts that discuss meditation, mindfulness and its benefits throughout your day while you’re at the gym, grocery shopping, eating lunch, or driving is a great way to put your toe into this tranquil pond of mindfulness relaxation. I personally recommend ‘10% Happier’ by Dan Harris. It is an abc podcast free on Spotify and other easily accessible streaming sources, just simply look it up on your streaming app or search it online!

Short Increment Sits

Finding time throughout your day to sit for at least one minute and just simply breathe, and attempt to clear your thoughts can have significant effects after a short period of time if you practice regularly. The more you do it, you’ll find yourself enjoying the sensation and wanting to sit for longer, making time for your practice. But for now, just try to commit to one minute a day, surely everyone has 60 seconds to work on bettering themselves by sitting and doing nothing. Many mediation podcasts on Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora have short guided meditation segments that you can use to get you going and keep your meditation practice on track whenever you have a few minutes to spare to sit and put your headphones in. This includes waiting at the doctor, sitting on the subway, taking a lunch break, and other opportune situations that arise throughout everyday life.

I thank you all for reading and I hope that you give this way of life a try, it is truly transformative.

Now, go be mindful!

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