Active Tea – The Healthy Lifestyle Game Changer You’ve Been Waiting For

Is 2018 all about progress for you? If you follow me on social media, you know it is for me! That’s why I’ve added Active Tea to my daily regimen. Not only is this tea super yummy, with tons of health benefits, but you can also use it to exfoliate your face!

How wild is that!?

So what are all the health benefits of Active Tea? Oh, get ready! This all-natural and carefully sourced tea burns fat, suppresses appetite, increases metabolism, destroys bloating (for reals), boosts energy, detoxifies, acts as a facial cleanser, and tastes delicious! What more could you want?

I love having this tea in the morning to start my day. I always try to fast until noon so this tea is a great little cheat to get me through the next few hours when I wake up early and am already craving an acai bowl! I have also enjoyed it at night in place of dinner when I’m not too hungry or had a late lunch! I don’t eat past 8 o’clock so this is a great little treat for the evening if I’m feeling hungry but don’t want to break my fasting routine!

What’s up with this facial cleanser thing right? Although it may not be the most conventional thing to save your tea bag, let it cool, then cut it open and rub it all over your face… Once you try it once and experience the invigorating sensation of rinsing it with cool water afterwards, you’ll never question it again! I obviously had to try it right away, and it was so amazing that I left half the bag in the shower to make my boyfriend use when he got home! He loved it! Our faces feel so silky smooth and they smell yummy too!

As you guys probably know, I’m a super active person, so I was automatically interested in this brand. However, it wasn’t until I used the products for a week or so that I really noticed a difference and saw what all the hype is about! My bloating has definitely decreased after eating large meals, and I really feel that extra little boost of energy after enjoying my daily Active Tea. It’s safe to say I’ll be re-ordering once I run out!

“At ActiveTea, we have a passion for promoting healthy and active lifestyles which positively impact on both the mind and body. We believe that when you feel good on the inside it compliments how you look on the outside. Our mission is to help our customers discover the very best version of themselves by simply combining the all natural and highly beneficial ingredients of ActiveTea to regular clean eating and exercise.”

After trying out these affordable and dramatically beneficial products, I’d say they hit the nail right on the head!

Want to give Active Tea a go? Use code “cass1” at checkout for 20% Off your order!

Join the #ActiveTeaMovement today! You’re body will love you!

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