The Ocean Jewelry Line Fit For a Mermaid

Introducing Keshia Del Mar, handmade ocean-inspired jewelry, made just for you. Feel like the mermaid goddess you are with this one of a kind line.

As I packed up for my monthlong trip to Thailand & Bali I wanted to bring a part of home with me. That’s when I threw my Keshia Del Mar pieces into my jewelry bag. Established on Valentine’s Day of 2017, Keshia Del Mar will have you falling in love. These pieces are one of a kind, handmade with ocean treasures from the Maui, a neighboring Hawaiin Island.

“It all started back on the island where I was born, Puerto Rico during my travels to visit family. After enjoying a surf session I decided to go shelling down the shores of the West Coast of the island, here I collected a batch of sea glass with intentions of making sea glass earrings for friends and loved ones. My love for the ocean and my recent travels inspired me to expand my business so that others can enjoy a little bit of paradise, in a piece of jewelry.”

-Owner & Designer, Keshia

What I love about this jewelry is that you’re getting something that no one else has. Each piece is made of your very own ocean treasure. There’s no item in the world that exists that is exactly the same as your Keshia Del Mar.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this necklace because it’s the perfect mix of beachy vibes and Coachella hipster style. I’m either in a bikini, shorts and a tank with a shark tooth necklace, or I’m rocking a boho look with lots of neutral colors and tons of jewelry. This piece is the perfect combo for me because I can wear it with either of my opposite end of the spectrum looks, with the turquoise stone adding the perfect color pop to any outfit!

RINGS. Now, let me tell you – girlfriend is obsessed with rings. Although I’m only showcasing my beautiful Keshia Del Mar rings here, I love to stack 20+ rings with these two. They add the perfect color pop to my selection of silver rings. They are the only two colored ones I wear amongst the mix because they are so bold and compliment each other well, along with any wardrobe look.

Last but not least, the bracelet! I’m not one to wear bracelets but I must say I’m hooked on this one! It’s light and doesn’t have anything on it that grabs my arm hairs which is my absolute biggest pet peeve with bracelets! It’s lightweight and the silver is absolutely beautiful, shiny and bright, making the turquoise stone pop even more. It also compliments the rings wonderfully, as you can see.

When you have the right outfit, the right jewelry, and a good hair day, nothing can stop you. I felt like an absolute goddess in Bali rocking bold colors and my Keshia Del Mar set with whatever I was wearing. I tried to pack light so bringing these four pieces was a must. They complimented all my outfits so well, all while reminding me of the beautiful oceanic life I had waiting for me back home in Hawaii.

Want a Keshia Del Mar of your own?? Shop all her handmade looks or work with Keshia herself to create your very own custom design! Embrace your inner mermaid, wear Keshia Del Mar. 

Shop now -> Keshia Del Mar 

Meet owner & designer, Keshia

“I find myself being so inspired by the ocean and its beautiful creations. Each piece is unique in its own way, many of my natural eco-friendly products are handpicked and handmade by me in my studio on the island of Maui where I currently reside. Leaving the warm tropical Caribbean ocean has been tough, but creating ocean-inspired jewelry on my travels has allowed me to bring a little piece of paradise wherever I go. My goal is to spread the love I have so deeply for the ocean to other like-minded individuals in hopes to inspire and connect those who have warm tropical spirits. After all, paradise is life and we should find our true happiness wherever it is.”


Photos by Brandon Verdura

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