Getting Started with Newsletters – How do I do it & what company should I use?

I’ve had some questions recently about what newsletters are best for personal and business websites, so I’m going to let you guys know what my favorite email blast server and plugins are!

Whether you’re building a modeling portfolio, booking site, or showcasing your photography work, having an effective newsletter to keep potential clients up to date is a must! I use Campaign Monitor for the companies I freelance for for a few key reasons!

One, it has amazing, user-friendly templates that allow you to browse a selection of themes that best fit your email! They are always updating their existing themes to make them better and adding entirely new styled template as well! They also allow integration from Shopify or other online store servers you may be using if you sell prints, products, etc. I use a Shopify app called Privy. It is an email pop-up that prompts visitors to subscribe to your mailing list when they visit your site. I motivate visitors to do so by offering them their first 10% Off coupon which is automatically emailed to them via a Privy template service when they submit!

Campaign monitor also allows easy integration of social media which is key for networking and cross marketing! Their buttons are fabulous and allow marketing for your blog within promotional emails! It’s fairly inexpensive for both the Campaign Monitor and Privy services, making their wonderful pros even more of a plus! I would recommend both to a company starting out in the newsletter world! Both platforms allow the capability to grow with your business, from a novice level, all the way up to expert!

The possibilities are endless with Campaign Monitor and I highly recommend you give their 7 day trial a go!

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