10 Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Planet Today

Over the past 6 months, I did a lot of traveling and it really hit me how much our planet needs our help. Today, I had the best day enjoying our beautiful planet diving with friends, so I decided to stay up late and write this blog to let others know how they can easily make a difference in saving our planet every single day!

It’s easier and cheaper than you thought! There will be no talk of solar panels, new light fixtures, or major lifestyle changes in this blog! While these are all amazing contributions towards saving our planet, I just want to quickly go through some easy and cheap ways YOU can make a difference, today, tomorrow and every day after that! Pull the trigger, get these easy reusable options and allow yourself to feel an amazing sense of pride everytime you use them in your daily life and know you’re decreasing your footprint on this incredible planet more and more each day!

I’m going to share with you guys some easy things you can do every day to seriously help our planet every day. I do all of these things and it has given me such a sense of pride in myself for making a difference and decreasing my footprint on this beautiful planet that has given us so much! YOU, yeah you, can really make a difference! If we all had this attitude, we wouldn’t be in such an environmental crisis, but what we CAN DO, moving forward is change our lifestyles and start taking care of our mother earth!

1.Get a Hydro-Flask & keep it with you all the time! Stop using single-use plastic cups, just keep your Hydro-Flask in your car or bag and ask the servers to please use your reusable cup instead for your beverage.  Just rinse out your Hydo-Flask daily so you’re ready to go the next day! This can also help encourage you to drink more water instead of getting unhealthy drinks throughout the day! If you do still need that coffee savior to get you through the day, Starbucks is even giving people 10 cents off any size beverage if you bring in your own cup!

I have this Hydo-FLask and highly recommend it, along with 3500 other people on Amazon! They come in lots of different colors and are totally worth it!

Click Here -> Hydro-Flask

2. Reusable Utensils. This is another easy way to decrease single plastic use in your day-to-day life! Just clean off your utensils after you use them and put them back in your purse, bag, backpack or car for the next day!

Click Here -> Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set

3. Reusable Straws. Stop using single-use plastic straws. Unless you have a medical reason to use a straw, you really don’t need one if your only option is plastic, even though they are nice! But I’m not saying don’t ever use straws again, just use an eco-friendly reusable one that won’t end up in our ocean and in some poor little turtle’s nostril.

Click Here -> Stainless Steel Straw Set

4. Get some reusable insulated bags for groceries instead of using paper or plastic every time. In Hawaii, you can no longer get paper or plastic bags at most grocery stores! You can either purchase a reusable one or bring in your own!

Click Here -> Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags

5. Decrease paper use at home. Go paperless! Stop all unneeded mail, magazine subscriptions, etc. Stop buying paper plates and other unnecessary single-use paper products. Try to get recycled paper products or eco-friendly paper replacement products when possible!

6. Decrease plastic use. Stop buying single-use plastics like solo cups, throw away utensils, cases of water, etc. In Hawaii, they charge extra for cases of water bottles to incentivize you to bring them back to recycle and get your money back.

7. Pick garbage up, dude! You’re not too good for this! Whether you’re at the beach, hiking in the woods, at the park, out on the water, walking down the street, or in your own yard, PICK UP GARBAGE WHEN YOU SEE IT. When we’re enjoying nature (aka everywhere) we should always leave it cleaner than we found it. If everyone did this we wouldn’t have so much plastic in our oceans. You don’t think of it when it’s sitting on the ground, but that garbage is going to hurt our planet one way or another, and you can make a difference by redirecting it into a garbage or even better, a recycling bin!

8. This one is super easy and will save you money! Just change the setting on your washing machine from warm or hot to cold instead! You’ll be using less energy, yet still letting your washer-machine get the job done! Only washing your clothes when they’re really in need of it is another great way to save your planet AND YOUR MONEY!

9. Turn off running water when you’re not using it. For instance, while brushing your teeth, shaving, washing dishes, etc, turn off the water instead of just letting it run while you do whatever you’re doing before you need to rinse.

10. Last but not least, RECYCLE! This may be the most well-known way you can save the planet, but it is one of the most important! We use so many paper, glass and plastic products at home and it is so so easy to just throw those items in a separate bin and bring it outside every recycling pick up day! I get excited when I run out of things now because I freaking love throwing it in the recycling bin, haha. You can do the same! Feel good about decreasing your carbon footprint instead of treating it like a chore and you’ll benefit both yourself and our amazing home! We only get one Earth!

There are dozens of more ways to help save the planet but these are just some of my favorites! I’ll be posting more in the future, so be on the lookout for that!

Happy Planet-Saving!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deborah Rolland says:

    Great info-as usual! I already do some of there. Thanks for the links! Especially stainless Steel straws! I’ve been wanting to get some! Drinking straight out of s restaurant glass is not a good idea (I get cold sores from it!) As usual, you’re the best!!


  2. Deborah Rolland says:

    Great info-as usual! I already do some of these. Thanks for the links! Especially stainless Steel straws! I’ve been wanting to get some! Drinking straight out of a restaurant glass is not a good idea (I get cold sores from it!) As usual, you’re the best!!


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