Want Healthier Skin? Try These Tips!

These are some of my favorite skin tips that have COMPLETELY changed the texture of my skin, decreased breakouts and lead to healthier & more glowing skin. Next stop, healthier skin! Let’s get right into it…

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re using a skincare regime that is right for your skin type! Not sure what your skin type is or what types of products you should be using?

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Next, what happens to your skin while you sleep?

Your skin produces TONS of oils while you sleep, as you’ve probably realized when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. This leads me to two points…

One, it is SO important to wash your face as soon as you get up in the morning so all that oil doesn’t sit on your face all day, clog your pores and cause breakouts. Doing this SIGNIFICANTLY changed my skin in just a couples weeks, and it just keeps getting better.

My second point, is that while you are sleeping, all the oil your face is producing is rubbing all over your pillow case, so it is important to to change your pillowcases often. Sleep on each side for two nights, flip your pillow then change your pillowcase after 4 nights and repeat. Doing this will have you noticing the BIGGEST difference in your skin, especially along your cheeks, where many of us experience breakouts! Think of it like wearing the same shirt to the gym multiple times, gross! The same goes for your pillowcase.

Speaking of pillowcases, the quality of your pillow case matters too! Silk Pillow Cases are the way to go when it comes to hair & skin! They help decrease breakage in your hair and breakouts on your face! I got mine from Amazon! It’s a set of two for ony $9.99! I’ve had them for almost a year and they are amazing! I use each one for two days on each side, then throw them in the washer machine and re-use! Amazing quality for such a good deal!

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Amazon $9.99 Silk Pillowcases

On the topic of cheek breakouts, anything that touches your face frequently and contains bacteria/oil such as glasses, phone screens, etc, will cause breakouts. It is important to wipe down your glasses, phone screens, etc frequently with alcohol or another natural cleaning solution to remove this build up.

This also goes for anything you touch your face with, including towels! Once you wash your face, the last thing you want to do is rub a bacteria infested towel all over it and then seal the bacteria in with your skincare products.

So, what should you do? I mean you can douse your towel in alcohol between every use. Introducing my new favorite product for my skin regime, Clean Skin Club Towels! These towels are bio-degradable and I actually tear them in half to get two uses out of them since they are so big!

You can purchase them here: Clean Towels & use promo code CASSI for a discount on your entire order!


I hope this was helpful! As always, let me know if you have any questions at all! Happy skin improving!



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