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Want to hear what sleeping at a cooler temperature can do for your sleep & health?

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Did you know that sleeping at a colder temperature not only keeps you sleeping but can also up to double your deep sleep? Introducing, Chili sleep.

Chili’s nature-based sleep solutions are an easy way to change your sleep — no pills, no will power needed. Why? Cooling is the ultimate hack to get great sleep. Trigger your brain to fall asleep 98% faster.

“We know that sleeping at a cooler temperature can measurably double time spent in deep sleep and aid in physical recovery. That’s where we come in.”


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Environmental temperature is a universal entraining cue for circadian cycles for all mammals. Thermal regulation is a major factor for life as it influences most biochemical reactions. Temperature has become less of an influence in our day to day lives as behavioral adaptation including well-heated houses, good thermal insulation of clothing, warm vehicles and short exposures to cold has created an artificial single temperature climate.

Modern mattresses and bedding focus on comfort but have added foams and materials that create a warm to hot microclimate under the sheets. Passive thermal regulation using gels, fans, moisture wicking, etc. are not sufficient to influence thermal triggers in the body. The trend to keep humans constantly comfortable in thermally regulated environment is preventing and in the case of insomnia, delaying or stopping the natural physiological thermal regulation at night.

Cold exposure and cold therapy are documented to affect recovery and health. By delving deeper, and taking cold therapy into sleep and applying it to the current thermogenesis crisis happening nightly and preventing optimal sleep. Research proves the role that temperature has on the sleep-wake cycles and proves that cold therapy can influence and improve sleep quality and quantity.

Heavy positive thermal loads exert arousing episodes and often start the body to respond by movement, sweating and poor sleep structure. Night sweats often occur during slow wave sleep or deep sleep. In contrast, a normal deep sleep cycle has a lower core body temperature. In a warmer thermal environment, body movement increases which is contrary to the sleep paralysis state that exists during normal sleep cycles. All of these thermal environmental conflicts can be mitigated and prevented by using cold therapy throughout the night.

The circadian timing system in humans governs the wake-sleep cycle and synchronizes biological processes but it is, to epidemic levels, being forced into a state of dysfunction through the modern sleep environment. The results of the research and antidotal user experience as well as, performance improvements, demonstrate that changes in core body temperature rhythms are capable of entraining and enhancing the amplitude of the circadian rhythms of sleep even though the SCN remains resistant. By allowing the body to achieve thermoneutrality, or even aid the body in the temperature drop required for sleep onset and healthy sleep cycles, thermal stimuli and cold therapy creates consistent waking-sleep cycles. This reveals the critical role of ChiliPad in the resetting of circadian and sleep wake cycles to prevent sleep deprivation its productivity and life costs.

Think it can’t get better?

The OOLER by Chili comes with a programmable app that adheres to your sleep schedule & preference.

With degree by degree adjustability, you will be able to have temperature perfection all night long. Hot flash at 3am? No problem. Flipping the pillow at 2am? That’s a thing of the past. Want to climb into a warm bed to start your sleep? The Ooler has got you covered! Just set your sleep schedule and let the app do the work!

I sleep with my Ooler every night, set to a temperature of 65 degrees. You can adjust it as needed and ease into those colder temperatures as you get used it! The noticeable difference in my sleep is truly amazing. I wake up feeling well-rested and no longer find myself exhausted by mid-day.

Want to try an Ooler out for yourself?

Use code “Ooler15″ for 15% Off an OOLER sleep system!


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