Who Should Get Life Insurance?

You may be thinking, ‘I’m not old enough for life insurance’. However, your 20’s and 30’s are the best time to buy it! The reality is, as we age, our health begins to decline. An average, non-smoking 20-something to 30-something year old can expect to pay $10 to $50 a month for a term life…

Why You & Your Pup Need A Collar Upgrade

Who else CANNOT stand that old musty, wet dog smell of those standard collars once they’re well adventured? I know I can’t! All the traditional collars I’ve tried lose their color so dang quick. Not to mention, they hold onto so much dirt, smell and bacteria! Yuck. BUT I found the HOLY GRAIL of leashes…

Sugar-Free Chickpea Brownies

Chickpeas… yuck! Right? Wrong!! I am obsessed with baking cookies, brownies, etc with chickpeas because not only do you eliminate a lot of those pesky carbs, but they will also be protein-rich! These taste like amazing fudgy brownies, you wouldn’t even know there were chickpeas in them if I didn’t tell you (I have tested…

Low-Carb Egg Muffins

I’m so obsessed with making these! They’re so easy & you can do so many different things with them! Get creative!!

Healthy Banana Muffins

Gluten-free & Sugar-free! You honestly cannot even tell they are healthy, these babies are delicious!

Easy Zucchini Boats

I made these Mexican style zucchini boats for dinner last week & they were too good not to share! This recipe is paleo & low carb! You can even make it vegan, just remove the meat & use vegan cheese!