Testimonials from brands I have worked with recently.

These reviews are from my various services ranging from instagram promotions, to snapchat promotions, to blog posts, to internationally published modeling work, & more.


Vixen Cove – Cassi was an absolute pleasure to work with. The photos are stunning and had quick turnaround time even in the midst of her having a hurricane nearby! She was there with me every step of the way, constantly communicating and collaborating with what I wanted to showcase for my company. Her blog is creatively written and a lot of my customers, both new and existing, have mentioned how insightful and genuine it is! As someone who’s worked with many influencers, I can honestly say that Cassi is one of the best in all categories. She goes out of her way to get you exactly what you are looking for. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future and I can’t recommend her enough!

-Jess, Owner


Tintswear – Working with Cassi was really great. Her turnaround time was incomparable to any of the many influencers we’ve worked with. She was engaged, professional and authentic in all of our communications and created great content, customized for our brand. Her blog post showcased her creativity while remaining aligned with our message and motto “Live for the Weekend”. We can’t wait to work with Cassi again and strongly encourage everyone to do the same.

– Simon Schaefer | Senior Partner & Director of Marketing Strategy


Active Tea – “I just want to say Thank you for the work that you have done with us, it’s been a pleasure working with you.

You have gone above and beyond our expectations and really carried yourself on a very professional level.

Very reliable and quick and efficient with your work.

When we bring out more products we will definitely be giving you a call up 🙂

Thanks again for the amazing work.”

-Emily – Owner of ActiveTea.


Reon Energy Powder – “Uncovering authentic and productive brand influencers is hard work.  It’s a wonderful mix of both art and science, and Cassi has nailed it with her audiences.  10 out of 10… 5 stars….and they highest recommendation is that we will be working with her now and in the future.”  – REON Energy  | Matthew Coapman

untitled-1-2 1.58.48 PM.JPG

Tree Hut Co – Working with Cassie, AKA @cassimanner was an enjoyable experience. As a brand, we were able to express what we wanted creatively and execute that vision promptly. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Cassi put together a carousel of photos that radiated the message of love and adventure the core of the Tree Hut brand. Not only was the price affordable but the post received great engagement. We would no doubt work with Cassi again on a sponsored content post.


Lounge Intimates/Lounge Underwear – “We haven’t been working with Cassi for that long now, but in the short time we have been working together we have been very happy with the content she has provided us. Cassi is alway very quick with producing her images and getting back to me, this makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her. The shots are always profession and good quality that show off our brand well. We are loving working with Cassi and are looking forward to more collaboration with her!”

Video promo video we made for Lounge Underwear:

Lounge Underwear Promo Video


Victoria Emerson – “As far as a review of your services. We would LOVE to keep you as a contact in the future.

We are so excited to see where this partnership can take us and we are happy to be working with you through Mala Prayer as well!

100% Recomend! 

XO Taylor”


Bootay Bag – “BootayBag has worked with Cassi for a collaboration. She wrote a blog post for us and gave her honest opinion. We feel like reviews of this type help give us a boost in sales. We loved working with Cassi and would recommend her to anyone for reviews.”

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Backyard Candles – “Working with Cassi Manner has been an absolute pleasure. Aside from just being an overall awesome person, she has been very open and honest with her communication. We worked together on a product shout-out and blog post, and I could really see the effort and sincere love for my product in the content she produced. She also has a great writing style and incredible photographer! I hope to work with her again very very soon. Mahalo Cassi.”

Justin Healy – Backyard Candles


SRRA SWIM – I first met Cassi during a tournament almost 2 years ago. To be honest, I saw her from a distance and said “dang, she would look bomb in my suits!”. And as the world works, we met through mutual friends and were able to exchange information. Cassi and her boyfriend/photographer were looking to collaborate and in the newer stages of their work, as was I. So it seemed like the perfect fit. Cassi has been a gem to work with! I was happy to provide her suits in exchange for quality photos and she never disappointed. She went above and beyond to create an image with a story and also took into account SRRA SWIM’s unique style. Every photo was taken with thought and you can tell they both put effort into creating content that stands out. I enjoy working with her and look forward  to any future collaborations with the magical duo. Thank you Cassi for being not only a genuine person but someone I can put my trust in to work with.  Looking forward to seeing your continued growth as a model and content creator. SRRA SWIM truly appreciates everything you’ve done!

-Lianne XX

Owner|Designer of SRRA SWIM


Whiskini Bikinis – “I’ve worked with Cassi twice now and shes the best! Not just in the photos she provides but also her personal vibe, i love it! She offers a wide variety of images to use to fun & flirty to perfect product shots for the Website/Instagram! I am a custom site and she always gives me the freedom to create something amazing for her, no limitations!”

-Whiskini bikinis

untitled-1-8 3.JPG

Tamarzizt Jewelry – “We are very happy to have our Jewelry worm and published by Cassi. Very professional and quick response and we also feel that she carefully chose the items to wear and the pictures wear stunning!”


We Are Floral – “It was a pleasure working with you!  We loved how quick you were in responding to us about shoots & being so flexible in accordance with us getting the bikinis out to you.

We enjoyed your service & hope to continue to grow with you in your modeling portfolio & hope to meet you in person! With you being out of the area, you by far have been a great example in the modeling community of flexibility, kindness, & patience!

Floral is glad to have someone like Cassi in our portfolio of models across the globe!”


Flat Tummy Co – “Using social media influencers in your marketing is the practice of building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you. At Flat Tummy Co we’re after influencers who are a good contextual fit with our brand. In our influencers we look for content quality, reach, engagement and an alignment of values with our brand. Cassi was an easy choice as she ticked all of the boxes. Reputation plays such a key role in future buyer decisions. Your best social media influencers are going to be the ones that already share trusted content that is similar to your brand. You want to be in the same circle so it doesn’t seem like a stretch when you ask influencers to talk about you. Again, this is where Cassi aligned perfectly with our brand image. She completed our collaboration quickly and was very professional. She nailed the timing, posting style and we had a great return on our investment. I would recommend Cassi to any influencer marketing platform.

Jerusalem Sandals – “Cassi is creative & professional to work with!”

Ultra6 Nutrition – “Cassi is very professional & does all she says she’ll do, plus more!”

Humble Brands – “Cassi is a pleasure to work with – good communication & thoughtful content.”