It went DOWN at the Holonis Launch Party!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Holonis launch party at Coachella this past weekend!


Holonis booked the most beautiful mansion I have ever seen at Coachella Valley this past weekend for Weekend 1 of the festival! The inside of the mansion was absolutely breathtaking, and the pool… it was a true oasis in the desert. With a waterslide, pool bar and DJ stage to overlook it all, Holonis sure knows how to set up for a party to be remembered!


What would a launch party be without swag?? Holonis pulled out all the stops with free bandanas, phone chargers, tank tops and more this past weekend! Check out the @holonis instagram page’s tagged photos to see influencers and celebrities rocking the Holo logo!


Famous peeps flocked from all over the world to attend Coachella Weekend 1 and swing by the Holonis mansion for our launch party! I was amazed at all the incredible people I got to meet and network with at the Holo mansion!


Friday, April 13th ’18 – A day to remember!

Check out my instagram @cassimanne for some behind the scenes videos from the party itself!


This brunch was super special because it was much more intimate than the party with hundreds of guests! About 50 influencers gathered with the Holonis team to network and enjoy a killer crepe bar! We were all lucky enough to hear a motivational speech from the CEO of Monster Products! Some of us, including myself, were even filmed to be in their upcoming commercial, which I’ll be posting on my Holonis to share with all of you!


Saving the best for last! I want to wrap this blog up with a shout out to the best group of people I have ever met! I showed up to their LA house and was welcomed with open arms. These are some of the most down to earth, hospitable people I have ever met! They made me feel at home right away! The Holo-Fam is truly one of a kind! I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to spend the weekend getting to know all of them and seeing what goes on behind the scenes of this amazing app that has truly changed my life!

Thanks for an unforgettable weekend, Holonis! I can’t wait to see what the launch of this revolutionary platform will bring! Until next time!

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