How I got a full-time marketing manager position at age 20 from an internship I found online

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If you want an internship, go get one!

Now, just by reading the first line of this blog I guarantee many of your first thoughts will be, “Well, it’s not that easy.” You’re right it’s not. But, before you discredit me completely, know that I have multiple internships and jobs at which I make over $700 a week, on my own time. I’m 20 years old, a junior in college and my own boss, working on my own schedule, from home, Starbucks, vacation, wherever, while still maintaining a double major.

The most important thing for anyone to take away from this article is that these opportunities did not just walk into my life. I didn’t just bump into the CEO of a company on my way to class and get offered a job after a 30 second elevator pitch that you might have heard about at some internship workshop on campus. My mom or dad didn’t talk to a friend to get me some BS internship where I’m making way too much money for my kick-ass coffee run and stapling skills.

As I’ve spoken to friends throughout the past couple of months and answered the obligatory, “What have you been up to?” I was flooded with questions of how I landed these jobs and been told how jealous these struggling students were. I then got super excited to help them, and went into extensive detail about what they should do to find they’re perfect internship. I’ve then gone on Facebook to see those same individuals  post statuses saying, “Does anyone know of any paid internships or jobs? Lol Homie needs cash.” Now, I’m not trying to bash anyone here by any means, I’m instead attempting to explain my motivation to write this article because us millennia’s do have a mentality engrained idea that we’ll get everything we want instantly, just like a swipe match on Tinder. And, if you’re reading this saying, “Psh not me, I wasn’t handed anything,” then good for you! Neither was I, and we’re ahead of the game. Maybe this article will help you, maybe it wont. Maybe you’re the person who takes the time to Instagram stalk a potential Tinder prospect before you swipe to give yourself an extra shot if you don’t match! We’re the real go-getters here!

What I’m trying to say is you need to push yourself to the top if you want to be there.

Get motivated. If you don’t care, then you won’t find an internship, or at least not a good paying or beneficial one in your career field.

Here are some ways to up your chances of finding that perfect internship that you’re as excited and proud to talk about as I am.


Resume, Resume, RESUME!

You HAVE to have a bomb resume, if you don’t; you’re already selling yourself short. Most college campuses have workshops and campus locations to have someone look at and critique your resume – take advantage of it! Any job worth having is going to ask for a Resume, even if you already have it in the bag, so just get it done, and keep it updated, that way if one of these unicorn opportunities does just magically walk into your life, you’re ready to go, instead of having to run home and quickly sum up your life for the past 4 years since freshman year when that annoying professor made you make a resume for a class.


Your School’s Job Search Database

Most colleges have something of the sort for employers to connect with students, but it’s not the only option. Don’t be afraid to branch out! From my own experience: University of Tampa has a site called Hire UT, I got a connection for a job off there last summer, but again, I turned the “unpaid social media internship” listing into a $400+ a week part-time job. I no longer go on Hire UT but from what I’m seeing on the recent SOS Facebook posts, the site is rarely updated and students don’t have much luck with it.


Awesome Internships/Job Search Sites Your College Probably Won’t Tell You About

This site is awesome and has gotten me almost all of my jobs so far. It’s powered by Chegg, which most college kids know, already saves us time and money opposed to the campus bookstore. You can upload your Resume, Cover Letter and send specific short opening messages to potential employers along with your application with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can personalize your job/internship search with their Advanced Search options to wean through those that don’t apply to you so you’re not wasting time looking at web design jobs if you’re an accounting major, and vise versa.

I’ve gotten good response from this site as well. They also have a huge selection of jobs and internships and give pretty good search options. Make sure you’re filling out every part of the application on all these sites so you have as much information and skills to offer potential employers! But also be sure not to say you can do stuff you know you can’t do unless you’re certain you can learn it via YouTube or online searches on short notice, which from my own experience, let me tell you, is also very doable. You just have to want it!

Monster is another good one, which has a similar set up to the other two, except you have to be careful here. Make sure to watch out for potential scams. Even the site warns you about this but I’m going to give you some more tips for what to watch out for. If you start getting multiple emails to the one you have listed on your Resume about accounting firms, insurance agencies, banks, etc and you haven’t applied for any of them, especially if they’re not in your listed career area, it’s best to just ignore them. I recently hopped on a call with one of these just to further my experience for you guys. They called super late at night, around 7:30 pm and sounded very unprofessional and began asking for information. I quickly got off the call after affirming that it was a scam, but it’s just something to be careful of. The last thing I would want would be for an ambitious individual to get excited about one of these offers that seems to good to be true and get their credit cards stolen or something of the sort, so just be cautious.

Well, go forth young grasshoppers! Make your profiles, and start searching. If you’re determined, you’ll get one, you just have to apply for the jobs and paid internships you actually want. Again, and again and again.

And, once you’re in, seize the opportunity, and kick ass!

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