Best Places to Stop in the British Virgin Islands

If you ever have the chance the visit the British Virgin Islands I highly recommend you stop at all of these places. Whether you’re staying at a hotel on one island or renting a private boat for a week to cruise around like we did, these locations will be sure to provide you with beautiful memories to last a life time. I’ve visited the BVIs twice with my family and each time our 10 day trip comes to an end I can’t wait to get back.

Hope you enjoy this list and the beautiful photos taken by my love, Brandon Verdura.


Here’s  a photo of the tiny puddle jumper we took to from San Juan to St. Thomas!

And, our trip begins! Enjoy!


The Baths – The Baths are located on Virgin Gorda and are, in my opinion, the BVI’s most beautiful natural phenomenas. Giant boulders are piled upon one another to create a system of caves you can walk through. Make shift ladders, ropes and stairs have been put inside to provide a moderately difficult hiking trail for visitors. The Baths are extremely photogenic but don’t do the vast location justice.




Devil’s Bay – Hike all the way through to reach Devil’s Bay, a secluded beach at the edge of the vast rocks.


Top of the Baths – After your somewhat strenuous walk… prepare for an even harder one! ‘Top of the Baths’ really earns its name by being located at the highest point above The Baths boulders. But don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded with a quiet oasis pool bar and restaurant with amazing food, drinks, and artisan shops and galleries to browse before the much easier walk back down.


The Bubbly Pool – Located on Little Jost Van Dyke this is quite the hike but worth it! Follow the marked path from the mooring balls and Foxy’s Taboo Bar, avoiding the “poison trees” marked with paint. I did not avoid such trees and ended up with a nice itchy rash on my arms for a few days! Once you reach the pool, you’ll see water rush in through the rock system between you and the ocean, creating this bubbly water! I highly suggest bringing water and/or adult beverages for this hike so you can hangout for a bit after the long trek!

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For now, I’m going to stop right here!There’s just so much to see and do in the BVI’s I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys!

My next blog about our trip will discuss the amazing dive locations!

Check out the video I made of our trip at

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